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Handyman Services

When quality and reliability are your priorities, Diablo Valley Handyman Services is the company to call upon. We have the expertise to tackle a wide variety of handyman services, including installations, repairs and maintenance of various construction projects for residential and commercial applications.

Handyman Services Pleasant Hill, CA Our experience in the construction industry spans over 20 years and we proudly serve residential homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Below are just some of the wide ranging, professional Handyman Services we provide.


We are the expert handymen that can help with renovations, upgrades, repairs and maintenance and repairs ‘of features and installations in areas such as.


Attic spaces can be made more accessible and usable with the addition of proper stairs, handrails lightings, and insulation. If you are planning on to use your attic more than a just storage, we can help with the drywall, painting as well as other installations you need to turn it into a more comfortable and livable space. Read More About Attic »


We offer high-quality, handyman services for bathroom repair, maintenance, renovations, and upgrades. We can repair and replace all types of bathroom fixtures and fittings and handle all masonry, tiling, electrical, window, door, shower stall, and other installation jobs. Read More About Bathroom »


We can help improve the safety, accessibility, usability, and aesthetics of your basement. Whether you want to use it for storage or turn it into an entertainment room, playroom, or a study, we offer excellent carpentry, electrical, drywall, and other services. Read More About Basement »

Deck & Patio

Our expert handymen can assist with renovation, upgrades, repair, and maintenance of the flooring on your patio and deck. We can also install lights, plumbing, and other features that you might need to improve the functionality and safety of these features structures. Read More About Deck & Patio »


Make your garage space more functional, practical, safe, and well-organized with our excellent handyman services. We can install flooring, electrical fixtures as well as garage door openers, shelving units, wall hooks, and workshop tables. Read More About Garage »


We offer high-quality office handyman services. Our team of experts can tackle jobs such as lighting fixture installations, painting. We also handle drywall installation and repairs, cabinetry repairs and furniture and all types of cubicle assembly for offices. Read More About Office »


Our handymen are here to help you with all types of installations, maintenance, and repairs of various features in your kitchen. They can replace countertops and backsplashes, tiling and appliances as well as lighting fixtures, plumbing installations, and woodwork too. Read More About Kitchen »

Living & Dining Room

We can handle all types of handyman tasks in the living and dining rooms. We have the know-how and skills to tackle to assemble entertainment units and furniture and can complete painting, electrical, drywall, and other tasks with equal expertise. Read More About Living & Dining Room »


We have the skills and experience to manage all types of handymen tasks of in all shapes and sizes. The services we offer include:


If you need any furniture, cabinetry or entertainment unit assembly, we can help. Our expert team will assemble all these features and install or place them in their designated spaces quickly and efficiently. Read More About Assembly »


We offer a gamut of carpentry services, which include installation of cabinets, repair, and maintenance of existing ones. We can also refurbish and refinish the existing cupboards, wooden units, railings, and staircases on your property. Read More About Carpentry »


Our company offers excellent electrical fixture and fitting installation, replacement and repairs. We handle these jobs safely and efficiently, use the best materials and products, and provide guarantees for our work. Read More About Electrical »


Our team of skilled handymen can handle the installation of various features in your home, including windows and doors, plumbing, electrical and drywall fixtures. They also have the expertise to install cabinetry and stairs as well as basketball hoops, crown molding, and more. Read More About Installation »


If you need any maintenance work to be done on in your property, we are the experts to call. We can help with all types of painting, polishing and regular upkeep jobs such as insulation, roof repairs basement and attic maintenance, etc. Read More About Maintenance »


Our company tackles all types of interior and exterior painting jobs in the best possible way. Whether you want your walls, furniture, or any other masonry, wood, or metal features painted, we offer the best services. Read More About Painting »


Every handyman on in our team can help with various plumbing tasks such as toilet repairs, faucet leaks, and plumbing fixture replacements. We use the best materials and offer guarantees for our workmanship as well. Read More About Plumbing »


Remodeling projects need skill, the right resources, and experience, and we have all of these. We offer a wide range of services that include painting, masonry, carpentry, electrical, tiling as well as all other installation, assembly services for renovation and remodeling projects. Read More About Remodeling »


Various things need fixing in a home, and if you need repairs of electrical, plumbing, woodwork, fencing, or any other features, we can help. We are prompt with our solutions and make sure that the repair work is completed to your satisfaction. Read More About Repair »

Safety & Mobility / Aging In Place

As people grow older, it becomes necessary to make changes and additions to their living spaces. We offer safety and mobility/aging in place services and can install everything from grab bars and handle to high toilet sets etc. Read More About Safety& Mobility/Aging In Place »


Our company offers high-quality drywall services, which includes new installations, repairs, and maintenance of existing features. We handle renovation projects as well as installation of drywall in house extensions and additions as well. Read More About Drywall »


In addition to residential clients, we also offer handyman services to commercial clients such as:

Retail & Shopping Malls

Our experts can handle handyman tasks such as painting, electrical, plumbing as well as drywall and more at shopping malls and retail stores. We have the expertise to tackle new installations, maintenance, and repair jobs at these locations. Read More About Retail & Shopping Malls »

Restaurants & Food Service

We offer excellent handyman services to clients in the foodservice and restaurant sectors. Whether you require painting, plumbing, electrical or tiling, and stucco installation services, we have the expertise to tackle these for you. Read More About Restaurants & Food Service »

Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals

When it comes to handyman services for hospital and healthcare facilities, we have what it takes to provide clients with the best services. We can handle repairs, new installations as well as maintenance of various features in these settings. Read More About Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals »

Small Businesses & Corporate Offices

Every business, big or small, needs handyman services at some time or the other. We offer the best solutions to commercial clients and can handle everything from electrical, and carpentry works to painting, drywall, tiling, and more. Read More About Small Businesses & Corporate Offices »

Financial Institutions & Banks

We offer customized handyman solutions to establishments in the financial sector. Our company can handle painting, electrical, drywall, plumbing, tiling as well as a variety of other services for financial institutions and banks. Read More About Financial Institutions & Banks »

Hotels & Hospitality

As expert handymen, we offer top-notch solutions to clients in the hospitality industry. If your hotel, motel, or motel needs any panting, electrical work, plumbing or even drywall, tiling, graffiti removal, etc., we can provide these services. Read More About Hotels & Hospitality »

Municipal & Government

We offer high-quality services to municipal and government clients. These customers have particular needs, and we tailor our solutions to meet their specifications and provide everything from plumbing and tiling to carpentry, painting, and electrical services. Read More About Municipal & Government »


Our company offers excellent handyman solutions to clients in the manufacturing space. We manage projects that require painting, electrical fittings, cabinetry, new installations as well as furniture assembly services, and more. Read More About Manufacturing » (

Regardless of the scale and scope of the project, if you need any features on your property fixed, maintained, or installed, we are the company that can handle these jobs for you. From plumbing and insulation to HVAC and electrical as well as drywall, plumbing, and indoor and outdoor maintenance, we handle it all.

Our company offers these services to residential and commercial clients across various settings and industries. For any of these services, all you need to do is call Diablo Valley Handyman Services, Inc. on this number - 925-207-1180 for a free consultation or estimate. You also have the option to set up a service request or send us an email via this Contact Us form.

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